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Combination vaccines are coming for respiratory diseases

Combination vaccines are nothing new for the healthcare industry. Childhood vaccines, as well as a single shot for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis for adults, have long been combined for ease of administration and increased compliance rates. Now...

Three doses of COVID-19 vaccine leads to catch-up antibody responses among the particularly vulnerable

Even vulnerable people, who are at risk of severe COVID-19, achieved good antibody levels after three doses of the mRNA vaccine. This is shown by a study from the University of Gothenburg on patients having undergone a bone marrow transplant or with...

Will COVID-19 vaccines give lifelong immunity to the disease? What we know

Whether we would develop immunity to COVID-19, or how long that would last if we did, has been a mystery since the early months of the pandemic. However, two new studies are helping us better understand how our immune systems adapt to infection, and...

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