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by Kausalyaa Kaliapan The Covid-19 vaccines are formulated with specific ingredients designed to trigger the body’s immune response to the virus. The key components include active ingredients like mRNA or viral vectors, lipids to protect the mRNA or...

mRNA vaccine does not alter your DNA

by Kausalyaa Kaliapan In March 2020, the world faced one of the most significant disasters in modern history-the emergence of Covid-19. The global pandemic resulted in the deaths of thousands of people worldwide and brought international economies...

From Lab Bench to Lifesaver: Unveiling the Rigorous Journey of COVID-19 Vaccine Development

by Hemagirri Manisekaran The rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines stands as a testament to scientific ingenuity and global cooperation. In a race against time, scientists embarked on a meticulous journey to transform a distant hope into a powerful...

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